How to Get Business Loans Even if You Have Bad Credit

                        Its All About Business Credit!

How to Easily Build Business Credit without a Personal Guarantee! The Holy Grail, of owning a business, is being able to obtain massive amounts of funding, using the business, itself, as collateral.

ITS A PROCESS.. Just as you work to grow a business, you should work to grow your business credit. It’s a process. You don’t start out with amazing credit. You grow and build it. The same way you grow and build your business. So don’t be afraid to start small, and work steadily towards the growth of your business credit profile. Series of specific actions to obtain a goal.

WHAT IS BUSINESS CREDIT ..Business Credit is credit that is obtained in a Business Name.  With business credit the Business builds its own credit profile and credit score. With an established credit profile and score, the business will then qualify for credit.  This credit is in the business name and based on the business’s ability to pay, not the business owners.

BENEFITS  OF BUSINESS CREDIT..When done correctly Business Credit can be built without a personal credit check. Business credit can quickly be obtained regardless of personal credit quality.  Most business credit can be obtained without the owner taking on personal liability, or a personal guarantee.  This means in case of default, the business owner’s personal assets can’t be pursued. Amen!!  The business can use its credit to qualify for revolving store credit cards like Staples, Lowes, Sam’s Club, Costco, BP, Wal-Mart, even MasterCard, Visa, and AMEX.   The business will also qualify for credit lines and loans.   In addition a credit profile can be built for a business that is completely separate from the business owner’s personal credit profile.  This gives business owners “DOUBLE” the “borrowing power” as they have both Personal and Business credit profiles built.  Business credit scores are based only on whether the business pays its bills on time.

THE SIMPLE FACTS.. A business owner can obtain credit much faster using their business credit profile versus their personal credit profile. Approval limits are much higher on business accounts versus personal accounts.   Per SBA, credit limits on business cards are usually 10-100 times higher than consumer credit.   The wealthy have been practicing this skilled specialized knowledge for centuries.   I❤️Closing is here to share EVERYTHING!

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