Tradelines are accounts in your credit report and it’s a term that refers to increasing credit scores by adding authorized user “tradelines” to your credit report. There’s a lot to know about this process, so we took the time to write the following information for you.

Everyone’s heard of “co-signing.” But, did you know you can share credit scores, too? It’s called tradelines. It’s a little-known credit enhancement technique authorized by federal regulation. We cover tradelines from soup to nuts, below


We want to start with a very basic understanding of what trade lines are so that the rest of this page makes sense. You can skip this section if you find it too elementary, but we would suggest taking just a moment to read through the next few paragraphs.

Let’s start with credit, generally. What is credit? It’s literally nothing. It is a made-up system that we use for banking. Lenders use this system to evaluate potential loans. Our credit system, however imperfect it may be, allows our lenders to be efficient.

Generally speaking, you begin to have credit as a young adult. So let’s start there. Technically, you start with a blank page. Literally, a blank page because your credit report will have nothing on it and may not exist at all


In order to establish credit and generate a credit report, you will have to apply for an obtain a line of credit, of some sort. Typically, when you first start to establish credit, you will apply for a small credit card. Capital One hands them out like candy. Otherwise, most people start with a secured card.

Side note: Some banks, like Capital One, will give you a line of credit even if you have a thin credit file, meaning you have no history with credit. Even though you have no credit, they can approve you because they trust you and the line of credit is purely based on their trust and belief that you will pay them back in you make charged on that credit card. This is an unsecured line of credit.

In cases where you are not approved, you can typically get a local bank or credit union to give you a secured credit card. In this case, you will secure the line of credit by handing them cash rather than them giving you a line of credit based on trust. This is a secured line of credit. The difference between an unsecured and secured line is that the former is based on trust while the latter is based on pre-paying for a card. Both are “tradelines”.

Put simply..  I❤️Closing will add you as an Authorized user on our trusted premium credit limit cards such as the Platinum American Express, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Delta Sky miles, Citi AAdvantage, Marriot Bonvoy, Hilton Honors Aspire, Discover and Navy Federal Credit union cards.   Freedom is one call away!

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